At SHARES our main focus is for the safety and welfare of our members. We are carefully adhering to the advice and guidance given by the Department for Education and Public Health England concerning the Coronavirus – COVID-19 situation. In light of the announcement by the government regarding closures, we have now switched to a remote meeting model in addition to our weekly nets. All trips and events in the foreseeable future have been cancelled.

During this time of global crisis, SHARES is committed to protecting public safety. Consequently, our site at  Surbiton Hill Methodist Church is closed. If you are due or plan to visit us in the near future, please contact us here for further advice. As a Club which is committed to a values-driven education, we hope that all of our community will be able to demonstrate resilience, compassion and responsibility in a number of ways as we help each other through challenging times. It is at times like these that our values are tested, and we have every confidence that our members will rise to the challenge.

We send our very best wishes to everyone in SHARES community: past, present and future. We look forward to seeing you online and at our outdoor meetups.

We are planning our post-Covid-19 indoor meeting to be held at Surbiton Hill Methodist Church on the 2nd of September.


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