Club History

A Brief SHARES History by M0SHA

During a career break, G7DGW had a renewed interest in the radio and electronics hobby but found the previous local Club had folded in 2005. A survey was circulated and concluded there was sufficient interest to set up a new Club, which was inaugurated in November 2006 with 4 people in total.

It was also decided to hold regular meetings, offer the amateur radio training and exams, and affiliate to the RSGB.

The initial meetings took place at Surbiton Assembly Rooms, and Surbiton Library hall, but these venues did not permit any aerials. The next venue was the Coach House where a full-size HF antenna was erected, but when that was demolished the new room at St. Andrews was used, without antennas.

After a search, the current venue was chosen and permission was granted to erect two aerials. This is also used as our training examination centre.

The Club established a regular 2-meter net and a dedicated website.

The regular meetings and external events such as rallies and field days have been successful and well attended. Typical activities have included practical equipment demonstrations, video shows, surplus sales, and museum visits.

The Clubs’ income is augmented by attendance at a number of radio rallies in the region where surplus components and equipment is usefully recycled.

SHARES ethos is inclusive providing the best of the old and the new in the hobby, where both legacy and emerging technologies happily co-exist.

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